Frequently Asked Questions

As an Albaraka client, you can follow the currency rates and 24/5 trade in foreign currency and precious metals like gold and silver, and also place order 24/5 through albaFX mobile application.

If you are an Albaraka client, you can use albaFX mobile application withou paying any fees or comissions.

If you have an account in our Internet branch, you can install the application on your devices as our individual customers and start using the application by defining the necessary activation processes on the device.

If you are not an Albaraka client, you can become an Albaraka Turk client instantly by video call by clicking on the "Become a Client" button by downloading Albaraka Mobile. Then you can install the application as our individual customers on your devices and start using the application without paying any fees and commissions.

If you are an Albaraka client, you can download the albaFX mobile application from App Store and Google Play.

If you are not an Albaraka client, you can instantly become a client by video call by downloading the Albaraka Mobile app from Google Play and App Store.

Download albaFX:

Download Albaraka Mobile:


Go to the "albaFX Mobile" heading under the "Investment" menu on the Internet branch.


Click the "Apply" button on the opening screen.


Select accounts for each currency you will trade to use in the mobile application.


Approve the Pre-Contract Information Form (SÖBF) and the Contract prepared for albaFX and click the "Apply" button.


After clicking the "Apply" button in the Summary window that opens, you will become an albaFX customer. After this stage, you can start using albaFX Mobile application.


Go to our branches or via the Internet Branch, sign the relevant agreements in the "Investment - Application to albaFX" section and make the account selections. So that your process of becoming an albaFX customer is completed.


Open the albaFX mobile application.


Login with your Customer ID and Passcode which you use while connecting to Internet and Mobile branch as well.


Login to the application by entering the Passcode sent to your registered phone.

When you first download the application, you need to open the application over your phone number registered in the system and your operator’s cellular data.

You must repeat this process again if you change your phone.

If you activate the ‘’Remember Me’’ feature in the albaFX mobile application, you will not need to enter your Customer ID/TC Identification Number/User Code again in the following logins.

You can get a new password or remove the block from the "Forgot my Password" section on the login page with your bank card or credit card information.

You can place new orders, display pending orders and order history from the "Orders" section.

When you select the "My Accounts" button to make foreign currency buy/sell transactions in albaFX mobile application for any currency, you can view the balance of your account.

You can reach from the "More" section to the;

  • - Foreign currency / Precious Metal Accounts
  • - Graphic Settings
  • - Transaction History
  • - Settings
  • - Change Password
  • - Help
  • - Exit

In order to view the Executed and Cancelled orders, it’s enough you to click to the "Executed" or "Cancelled" sections from the "Order History" tab from the "Orders" menu.

Yes, you can cancel any order from the Pending Orders section as you wish.

No, order changes cannot be made in our albaFX mobile application.

However, you can cancel the order you have placed and then enter the order you want as a new order.

No, you must have at least the amount of the transaction to be made in your account. Otherwise, the transaction will not be executed.

No, in order for your transaction to be executed, the balance of the order amount must be in your account. Otherwise, your transaction will not be performed. Partial orders cannot be executed in albaFX Mobile application.

Yes, you can buy and sell gold and silver in grams and place orders on albaFX mobile application.

Yes, you can instantly receive the gold you buy from albaFX mobile application from branches with stock.

You can get a new password or remove the block from the "Forgot my Password" section on the login page with your bank card or credit card information.

You can also change your password or remove the block through Mobile Banking channel.

Yes, when you change your Albaraka Mobile and Internet Branch password, your password in albaFX mobile application will also be changed.

The minimum amounts in your account in the relevant currency for the transactions you can perform in the albaFX Mobile application are as follows.

  • - 100 for USD, EUR, CHF, GBP, AUD, CAD,
  • - 15,000 for JPYTRY,
  • - 2,000 for NOK-SEK-DKK,
  • - 1 gr for YAIEUR, YAUUSD, YAUTRY,
  • - 100 gr for YAGEUR, YAGUSD, YAGTRY,
  • - The upper roof limit is 3 million TL per day.